strategy, tactics, logistics as used in relation to warfare are not always clearly distinguished.
Strategy is the art or science involved in the direction of the forces at his disposal by the commander in chief of a belligerent nation or by those assisting him. The term usually implies the planning of major operations intended to gain the objectives of the war, and often, but not necessarily, connotes the effective presence of these officers at home or behind the lines.
Tactics is the art or science of handling forces in the field or in action; the term implies not only the presence of the enemy as affecting the disposition or maneuvering of troops, ships, planes, and matériels but the direction of a commanding officer upon the scene

the theater of war is the province of strategy, the field of battle is the province of tacticsHamley

Logistics is the art or science of military supply and transportation; the term usually implies both planning and implementation and covers such varied matters as design and development, acquisition, stockpiling, shipping and distribution, upkeep, and ultimate evacuation and disposition of matériel; acquisition, preparation, assignment, distribution, and physical care of personnel; preparation, operation, upkeep, and disposal of facilities; and provision of services. Broadly logistics constitutes the theory and practice of military housekeeping

generals and admirals and their staffs plan campaigns. That is strategy. They fight battles and these combat operations are known as tactics. A third element determines the success or failure of strategy and tactics. This is called logistics. A large part of an army, a fleet, or an air force, and nearly the entire civilian population today play a role in logistics. What they accomplish in producing and distributing the resources needed to implement strategy and tactics controls the outcome of warDonald Armstrong

The same differences in meaning are also found in strategic, tactical, and logistic (or logistical) as referred to the conduct of a war

strategic air war now being conducted so effectively upon German cities and factories by the Royal Air force and the United States 8th air force will in due time be supplemented or in part substituted by tactical air operations on which our ground forces will depend to cover advances of troops and to devastate the huge fortifications erected by the Nazis in northern France, Belgium and along the northern coast of the continent— David Lawrence


the outstanding military lesson of this campaign was the continuous, calculated application of air power ... in the most intimate tactical and logistical union with ground forces— MacArthur


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